Untitled-2Mosquito BiologyMosquitoes undergo complete metamorphosis during their life cycle: egg, larvae, pupae, and adult.
The first three of these stages are spent in the water.
A mosquito can go from egg to adult mosquito in about 7 days, depending on species and environment.

2015-Color-Backyard---Myriad-fontMosquito HabitatsEach mosquito has its own preferred larval habitat, season, and blood meal hosts.

Some mosquito habitats around your home might include:

Local MosquitoesThere are 23 different species of mosquito that occur in Shasta County:

Scientific Name Common Name
Aedes bicristatus Snowpool mosquito
Aedes fitchii Snowpool mosquito
Aedes increpitus Snowpool mosquito
Aedes melanimon Irrigated pasture mosquito
Aedes nigromaculis Irrigated pasture mosquito
Aedes sierrensis Western treehole mosquito
Aedes vexans Inland floodwater mosquito
Anopheles franciscanus No common name
Anopheles feeborni Western malaria mosquito
Anopheles occidentalis No common name
Anopheles punctipennis Woodland malaria mosquito
Culex apicalis No common name
Culex boharti Bohart's mosquito
Culex erythrothorax Tule mosquito
Culex pipiens Northern house mosquito
Culex stigmatosoma Banded foul water mosquito
Culex tarsalis Western encephalitis mosquito
Culex territans No common name
Culex thriambus No common name
Culiseta incidens Cool weather mosquito
Culiseta inornata Large winter mosquito
Culiseta particeps No common name
Orthopodomyia signifera White-lined mosquito
Coquillettidia perturbans Cattail mosquito

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